16 thoughts on “A Week To Remember (explore vancouver)”

  1. This video is really great, you really captured the experience of it all! And the music choice was perfect too! Can't wait to see what you work on next! 🙂

  2. ahh I love your video style! I saw that you're from toronto! thats awesome im from montreal 🙂 practically neighbours lol

  3. Yay I feel like I just watched a two part video 🙂 but I watched part two first (JRAllis video) this was cool to watch. I loved the fireworks

  4. I just stumbled across ur channel my friend.
    U got great videos on ur channel. Enjoyed watching few.
    Thanks for sharing…..❤❤. I also have a channel n do lifestyle videos. Can you please glance at my channel? Lets Support each other.

  5. Insanely beautiful. One of the best YT films I've seen!!!! I make travel vlogs from my adventures around the world. Just came back from Budapest and absolutely loved it! Feel free to check it out!

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