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11 thoughts on “BacklinksVault Online Marketing Company – SEO Link Building and Social Media Services”

  1. Great information thanks for uploading this video. Online marketing services are a better option that increases your online visibility but also attracts targeted audience globally

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  4. Keep your focus on social media services…it seems to be what
    major fortune 500 companies are focusing on, and the easiest to show
    them proven metrics. We still do link building but CEOs don't care
    about a random blog post, they care about how many people are liking
    their posts on facebook, retweeting, etc.

  5. Loving the case study blog posts on BacklinksVault. As marketers
    testing is crucial to knowing what works and what doesn't. Keep up the
    good work and count me as a subscriber.

  6. Currently a member of all your services. Love the results we are
    getting for our local marketing clients and we couldn't be happier
    streamlining the process.

  7. Don't focus too much on links as social media should be the main
    focus. Links can get you penalized if you build too many low quality
    ones. Hope you guys don't do those tactics

  8. Our VP of marketing told me she doesn't care about any flying
    birds (twitter) and continues to put $ into print media and
    billboards. I'm trying to get her to see the power of your services
    and creating more social buzz around our product offerings.

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