Google Maps Local SEO Training Video (2016 Edition) – Google My Business Optimization Tips

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14 thoughts on “Google Maps Local SEO Training Video (2016 Edition) – Google My Business Optimization Tips”

  1. Help! In our building there are two massage therapists. One is showing up in Google maps for massage and the other (mine) shows up only when I manually move the map a tad and the results refresh??!! WTF? please advise??? Thanks in advance…

  2. Excellent information! We plan to reach out to you. Local Florida Online is essentially a cooperative video marketing program for local Florida businesses. We want to assist local small businesses with not just leveraging YouTube, but also connect them to Google Maps and Local Guides. What's the best way to contact you?

  3. What if I don't want to show my address on website.  I am a plumber that works from my house.  How bad will it effect my rankings if I put my address on all citations but not on website.  Just city and state on website.   What should I do?

  4. Thanks Mike, for a very informative tutorial. I have a query, I have a verified local business in one state and have a website for that with that local address only. if I have a same business with verified listing in other state/location, Can I use same website for other verified listing and how ? Regards and Thanks in advance.

  5. Great video. I just got 3 questions:
    1) Is location page necessary if you are not dealing with multi location business? For a single location business, all those location signals could be inserted into the homepage and the category pages just be separate pages.
    2) With PR for citation boost, I'm not sure if it would be too efficient to have a different PR for each citation. Could you not link out to multiple sites ie website/yelp/FB/youtube from 1 PR? I know some outlets limit the links in the article so maybe limit to 2. PR are very white hat links so it shouldnt be a problem linking out to your site.
    3) Social syndication – syndicating to 30 social media accounts is cool but will that have any benefit if those accounts dont have any followers/friends to share your account with? For example 0 followers on Google+, you post a content there 0 chance it gets any likes or shares because no followers to see. Does that mean then you have to spend additional time managing 30 social accounts growing their follower base?

    Thanks, and very informative video overall.

  6. Hi Mike, Would this work (instead of adding a new WP site with the keyword rich domain — if you registered the keyword rich domain, but just had to redirect people to your existing site? Thanks!

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