5 thoughts on “How Do Vancouver Condo Prices Keep Rising?”

  1. Huge fan of your videos…youve helped me a lot…and ive been able to help my clients with your informative videos..thank you

  2. Are you finding anything similar in the 2 bedroom market in Vancouver itself, say closer to 800K to 1 mil? That market seems to be a lot slower overall (fewer listings), do you see that price acceleration as well?

  3. Owen, with most of these being first time buyers, how is it so common to see so many subject free offers? When you say subject free are those offers subject free cash deals or subject free other than subject to financing. I don't know how so many cash deals could be getting thrown around like that, makes no cense.

  4. Wow I was so hesitant to buy last year, but I'm not an investor, speculator, none of that. The biggest selling point for us was that the property was literally right across a good school for my kids. That should force us to hold the property for a while 😉

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