How to get web design or SEO clients

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5 thoughts on “How to get web design or SEO clients”

  1. If you are looking for SEO clients then shoot me an email I can get you 100,000 real, legit leads of people that just created a website. Best of all… I can get you this information every month! CHEAP compared to anywhere else. I am only doing this for 10 people.

  2. Good stuff, i had a few questions if you would be so kind

    -How many sales have you gotten this month so far using this method? and how much profit?
    -Does being on upwork still make you an entrepreneur? i thought a freelancer and entrepreneur weren't really the same
    -you said at 24:30 that after 6 videos you can gt 1-2 sale which is a 15-33% close rate, doesn't that seem too high to be realistic for a beginner?

    thanks a lot brother!

  3. This was perfect! I always wondered how to respond to those bids without sounding like a cookie-cutter freelancer – THANKS

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