How to Use Google Keyword Tool for SEO

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18 thoughts on “How to Use Google Keyword Tool for SEO”

  1. sir this video was a gold mine for me.
    i just want to ask you that if i use synonyms and make a decent link like for example: you used "affordable seo service" then do i need to maintain its density in that article too?
    like 1stkeyword will be "seo service" 2ndkeyword will be "affordable seo service" and so on…
    so i am little bit confused with this??

  2. finding a right SEO specialists on youtube, it's really hard because people muck around too much to sell their services, however Rankya is the Only one who shared his real experience in no $. I really appreciate your Time and effort for creating very useful SEO Videos

  3. hi ,
    It was really impressive , i am not able to light light the keyword .. if i type ( ~ word – word ) . if you can guide it ..
    thank you

  4. Hello ! How can I now search synonims in google? I mean without using ~ ? Because its didnt work :(…

  5. Great SEO Keyword Tool tutorial. Understanding the intent of the searcher's question, and being able to answer their query. We get it . Thanks Friend.

  6. loved this but could you do it with the updated 2015 platform? love your passion all the way from Scotland :)

  7. I loved this tutorial and a breath of fresh air to all the other keyword video tutorials I've watched – definitely going to watch the rest. Well Done!!

  8. i don't get it.. this is not a seo tool for a site..
    the only seo tool from google is the "google  webmaster tools" right ?

  9. thank you so much sir. 
    i would like to know why you have drilled through the one that had 91 searches. logic?

  10. When your page is in first place when you search, isn't that a personalized result just for you? Now you have an option to hide personal search result in Google. Every newbie fall far that.

  11. Hi, Actuallly there is a question. In your example the keywords "SEO SERVICES", "AFFORDABLE SEO SERVICES" have same landing page. So, to start first I have to concentrate on long term or short term. I am confused. Please Explain. Thanks.

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