Learn SEO 2017 (Ask Questions / With Free VIP Giveaway)

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9 thoughts on “Learn SEO 2017 (Ask Questions / With Free VIP Giveaway)”

  1. When ranking local clients for main keyword, you aim to rank always the home page or sometimes side pages? Does the approach change for national keywords or keywords without location specificity?

  2. I wanted to get your opinion on an infographic im considering creating. I have a wedding videography business and i had an idea to create an infographic about the buyers guide to engagement rings. I was a jeweller for several years so im very familiar with the topic. But my question is if i were to create this graphic and get it posted on several wedding sites and blogs would Google still consider this content relevant to my business? I would only be targeting wedding related websites

  3. Hi Chase you talk about your local seo guide wich i saw but I don't find the national seo guide can you link it in a coment por favor?

    Thanks ahead

  4. Thanks for your response, Chase. I can understand how you'd think our videos are similar at first glance, but I assure you that if you would have had an opportunity to watch them, there are major differences. The similarities come from the fact that we're both making videos about white-hat local SEO primarily for freelancers.

    Admittedly, I have gotten some inspiration from a you and a few other online marketers who do the 2 hour complete guide type of screen capture tutorials, but that is the main extent of our similarities (although we do seem to agree on things like website silos and interlinking. Also, beamusup and SEO profiler are great tools that I discovered through your videos haha)

    Anyway, I appreciate what you do, and if you're interested, I think we could make a great video, if not, I totally understand.


  5. Hey Chase how to identify if a site is spam or not while doing off page seo? Please suggest some great tips on this.

  6. Hi Chase, can you tell us when you will be doing live session again with an hours notice in advance .I don't want to miss it.

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