Learn WordPress SEO With This Video From WordCamp

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10 thoughts on “Learn WordPress SEO With This Video From WordCamp”

  1. hi Harsh …Tell me how can i install wordpress locally on my computer or did i need to purchase domain and work on it…and also did i need to know php to start a blog site???

  2. sir thanks for sharing such a helpful video .
    1 can u please help on how to add related posts links on our posts.?
    2 how to deal with insufficient content error from google Adsense ?

  3. I have a lil confusion here ..
    You did't mentioned much about the facebook promotion , like which most of the people ; do they promote their page or post in increase traffic and engagment right ..
    But you never mentioned them .. !
    So does that means we don't have to think much about the facebook promotion while setting up a blog ( not the piad one )?
    If yes then why ?
    Waiting for your answer ..
    Thanks ! Great video .. I actually learned so much with this one..

  4. Please advise: For best SEO results, will a blog do better if the blog is on the website's home page vs. the blog being it's own separate page on the website?
    Please let me know. Thanks!

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