Local Search Optimization | (855)686-7832 | Los Angeles SEO Business Services Pricing Strategy

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7 thoughts on “Local Search Optimization | (855)686-7832 | Los Angeles SEO Business Services Pricing Strategy”

  1. Thank you this is useful SEO info. What do you think about my videos? I love to discuss SEO, SEM, and SMM secret techniques as well.

  2. I didn’t have a big budget so seo for my website wasn’t an option yet. I did social media top teams local search optimization with youtube video marketing and I am very pleased. My video is on [age 1 for my keywords even though my website isn’t right now. I’ve been getting calls. Definitely worth it.

  3. Their stuff works! And their price can’t be beat? $199 per month for local business search engine optimization. This was half what I was paying before and social media top team does a MUCH better job than my last company.

  4. I wanted to do local search optimization to get more local customers in Los Angeles. I saw a craigslist ad for social media top team went to their website and called them up. They use online video marketing with their local search optimization to get more customers. I never even heard of anyone doing that before. And their price couldn't be beat. It's been working very well. I referred them to 2 other businesses. Good company.

  5. I read about Google places listings and how it’s SOO important blah blah blah. I set my own up and I didn’t get any customers from it. I saw one of social media top teams youtube videos and called them up. They really opened my eyes to how local search actually worked. It’s a LOT MORE than just google maps. Since they’ve been setting up my profiles every month, I have gotten more traffic to my website as well as more requests for quotes.

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