Local SEO 2016 – The Complete Guide (Part 1)

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3 thoughts on “Local SEO 2016 – The Complete Guide (Part 1)”

  1. Hi Chase. This is a really good guide!

    Does this strategy work well with YouTube videos? I've been trying that but Google simply does not want to rank videos for local terms in my experience, even though I've built a lot of embeds and social signals. The video does not move beyond the second page.

  2. Thx Chase, appreciate it very much, I'm still kind of a newbie here more or less, but looking to work what VERY few seem to be doing with regards to Internet Marketing, and IDK why because I think it's the most brilliant concept in IM with virtually no downside…and that's '''Rank and Rent'' sites to local businesses. Forget chasing down clients to ''convince'' them of anything, why not have them chase you from now on? ;)

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