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12 thoughts on “Local Web Design and SEO | Local Search Engine Optimization”

  1. Hi Jonathan – yes, a lot has happened to Google search since this video was made – since panda & penguin, I'm now focused a lot more on video marketing.

  2. The basic principles of this video are still true. However user interaction has more impact and Social engagement is also now more important…

  3. Glad you found this informative. Not completely sure when you asking about the 'medium' – to be honest this video was produced before Panda / Penguin. My own techniques have evolved as a result – although the essential information still hold true. Social engagement is now more important and general User interaction has more impact.

  4. In the past two years search engine optimization became the backbone of the online market,and after watching this video i really feels that your ideas can surely make that backbone more strong, thank for the great ideas

  5. Informative & complete, very nice.
    It's nice to hear someone just tell it like it is. What would you suggest is the best medium to offer this service to local clients?

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