Looking for a Fort Worth SEO and Online Marketing Consultant?

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14 thoughts on “Looking for a Fort Worth SEO and Online Marketing Consultant?”

  1. That's not a "jerk" statement/question at all 🙂 So here's the cool thing… SEO for local businesses works exactly the same for EVERY company across the United States. Therefore I can provide the exact same service for literally ANY company, regardless of location. 

  2. Hi Michael. I actually don't have any defined prices for my work. The main reason for that is that every business has different needs and has a different budget. I always do a full analysis of each business I work with and then find a way to make my work fit the budget and what NEEDS to get done. Toss me a private message if you want me to do a free analysis of your biz :)

  3. I totally understand where you're coming from. Many of my current customers have been "burned" in the past by SEO companies that honestly had no idea what they were doing. I just tossed you a personal message… let's talk about it.

  4. Sorry if this seems like a "jerk" statement… But is it possible for you to provide the same (or better) SEO services for Fort Worth companies… while working from Denver?

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