8 thoughts on “Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver, Canada”

  1. Thanks so much.  I will be leaving on a cruise to Alaska and your video really helped me get a feel for the area.

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  3. Just a little information bud. Those are not our rocky mountains as it's our coastal mountains. To hit the Rockies its more center/eastern BC or up north.

  4. Thank you for this video.  I was considering staying at the Pan Pac the night before my cruise but hadn't made the decision.  You just helped me.  Thanks so much!!!  🙂 

  5. thanks for the video. will be staying there next may (2014) prior to a cruise. will definitely want a harbor-view room. hope you had a great run in your marathon!
    btw, did you try out the restaurant? wondering how it is….

  6. Thank you for taking the time to make such a great little video! We'll be staying at the Pan Pacific at the end of July. Watching this was very informative!!

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