SEO Best Practices | Local Search Marketing Optimization

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17 thoughts on “SEO Best Practices | Local Search Marketing Optimization”

  1. Awesome this is amazing SEO info. What do you think about my videos? I love to discuss SEO, SEM, and SMM secret techniques as well.

  2. it looks like your competition has viewed your video and showed their fear of how good your message is : ), well at least 5 at this point. Thank you, Jeff

  3. This is great thanks! I run a spa in delaware ohio. It is about 25 mim north of columbus ohio where I think i need a lot of my business to come from. Even people in Delaware would likely search spa in columbus ohio, Not spa in delaware. I am concerned this is going to really mess up my SEO. My address is delaware bit i think my keywords should focus on columbus. But being registered on google businesses and on facebook and my website as being in delaware I think I am going to confuse google. This is my only major hang up on really launching my own SEO plan from home! Thanks for your help!!!

  4. You sent your piece of content to an e-mail list of 4000 people and you had a grand total of 150 people engage with it? Hmm. I also believe it's more about the comments, open/click rates, and shares, not the likes or +1's.

  5. Excellent information and well explained. You are right on the money with everything you said

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