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17 thoughts on “SEO Guru Atlanta | Atlanta SEO and Local Search”

  1. This information is definitely useful for me because I am looking in getting my own online business started.

  2. I've had my basement finished for a few years now, and it comes in handy when you have company. A friend of mine has been looking to get hers finished and now she can with the knowledge of this company!

  3. My grandmom need her basement finished and this video explained a lot about there service now we can get our basement finished with no worrys or concern. Thanks

  4. That's really a good introduction to SEO and how to advertise your products and services through the web. It makes me want to learn more! Could you please point to more resources online that I could read? Thanks!

  5. I'm considering staring a website for my small business. How soon into a businesses life does a website start to become beneficial?

  6. Thanks! This is very informative. I've been looking into online marketing for my business. This really helped me out.

  7. You are a very good speaker and mentor.  I would have never thought that mobile users would overtake desktop users this soon.  It seems like mobile would be too little to work on for business.  

  8. That is amazing to think that mobile users will overtake desktop users in this day and age already.

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