Seo Tai-ji – Internet wars(M/V), 서태지 – 인터넷 전쟁(뮤비), Music Camp 20001209

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14 thoughts on “Seo Tai-ji – Internet wars(M/V), 서태지 – 인터넷 전쟁(뮤비), Music Camp 20001209”

  1. Came here after rewatching Jonghyun and Taemin do this song…..I needed to cover up my sins by watching the original again

  2. This song gives me some serious Korn and System of a down vibes ! Loving it gonna have to research this band!

  3. Cuando era nu metal antes, buena rolas en sus tiempos, parecidos a korn en los 90, la misma vestimenta, es como ver a munky, head, fieldy jon y en la batería a fred

  4. aww.. It kinda makes me sad that JongTae covering this has more than 10 times the views this does… I wish Seo Taiji had a more official MV for this! does he?

  5. 지금 들어도 충격적이지만 당시에 들었을 때 머리속에서 가시지 않던 충격적인 가삿말,
    멜로디, 기타 선율 등등 최고였었다..

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