11 thoughts on “The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver — Haunting Lady in Red”

  1. These aren't ghosts these are demons if you look in the bible it will tell you many things about it. Pray to god and you will be protected . Don't be afraid if you are in gods hand and trust him

  2. Ghost are real. You'd have to experience it to believe it. You will know when a ghost walks by you or through you.. You feel this cold sensation that starts on your side and gradually goes through you. Unless the ghost came from behind you will gradually feel the cold sensation start from your back. You can feel it in you the presence of a ghost. I myself have seen 1 female ghost and have experienced a ghost but never seen her as she never showed herself. Call me bullshit but trust me. You have to SEE/FEEL it to BELIEVE IT. I've been to this hotel before and now that I know this..I'll be renting out a room on the 14th floor.

  3. You never see any ghosts of cavemen. Why no neanderthal ghosts? And female ghosts are always pretty. They're never fat and ugly. Why isn't the world absolutely over run with these ghosts? All the cell phone cameras and security cameras and alarm systems, but nothing except anecdotal stories. It's worth thinking about why that is exactly. 😉 

  4. I have seen a ghost lady wearing red threw a flashback in october of last year. she had a red dress black boots, she also had a mark on her left eye and the flashback took place in a snowy forest. she looked at me and I looked at her. I have dealt with ghosts before but never have I encounter one like this before. This one had me thinking alot about her. The down side is that I never were able to even get her name so I could look her up and find out who she really is.

  5. I saw two friendly ghosts in my lifetime. One was in a nursing home, a very beautiful lady all dressed in a fashion of WWII era. She appeared suddenly after I cheered up a demented elderly lady, who was for days crying for her mother. Smiling, she looked on at the patient with pity and love. Soon, she turned around and thanked me for caring for her daughter before disappearing.
    Second ghost was my guardian who saved my life. 

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