Top 5 Local SEO Gigs For Easy & Fast Page 1 Rankings

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17 thoughts on “Top 5 Local SEO Gigs For Easy & Fast Page 1 Rankings”

  1. Awesome stuff, recently stumbled upon you and love your info. —- Are these links in the description still the ones you use today or have you updated them? Would love to hear back from you! THANKS!

  2. Thanks for great recommendation! Please also recommend social signal gig and any other update on gig…

  3. Great video Dino! Can you provide the link to the 5 PBN links for $97 you mentioned near the end of the video please?

  4. Wow, thanks so much, I need to get going on all that. I am an on-line co and don't have a Yelp …. is there anything else I should do? Thx in advance!

  5. Thanks for the great info! I have a question though… about linking a PBN to FB, Yelp, & YT. How does the power flow through YouTube, if the link to our money site is a no follow link? Also, could the same principle be applied to a Google My Business profile/page? Or would Google not like that…? THANKS AGAIN!

  6. Excellent video and thank you for taking the time to create it. A couple of questions. I went to fiverr and couldn't for the life of me find anybody who makes seo videos. I used the same search term as you did, but didn't see any relevant come up. Do you have a recommendation? Other questions is my company has 3 different locations in 3 cites close by. Should I build three different websites and have 3 different google local business listings? The goal is to come up in the top three for all three cities. Thanks for your time. Tim

  7. Hey Dino, is it risky to do every step in one day? If so, how much time should these steps span? Thanks for all the great info!!

  8. Great strategy. I have ranked well with a service on source market that has 20 pbn for 40. Very cheap. Is there a difference in link juice for higher priced pbns ? Will 5 high quality pbns have more link juice at 20 per pbn vs $2 pbns? Anyone with more experience in this feel free to answer.

  9. I hate that I spend countless hours more than 12 hours a day learning and I never implement it to start ;(

  10. Hands down, one the best and actionable SEO videos I've watched – and I've watched 100+ hours. Happy to have discovered your channel!

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