9 thoughts on “Vancouver hotel tenants fight evictions”

  1. With issues like this, how exactly is vancouver one the 10 best cities in the world? Are any official reports even authentic anymore? What is the government doing?

  2. Don't the Sahota brothers still own all the slums in Vancouver? Good luck suing them! I think the city has done that to them a half-dozen times already. I don't think they care because their shitholes just got shittier.

  3. The owners have taken advantage of people with drug addictions and make them work all day for 40 bucks I've seen the down ward slope last 20 years I even lived in there lol my job was to clean the bar and washrooms lol the toilet paper was chained to the wall and we use a firehose to clean the washrooms lol I'm glad I got clean but it's sad the owners let it go so bad

  4. I hope my buddy and his mom have a place to live they've lived in there over 20 years good luck John and Mary on 8th floor

  5. The richest cities have the highest poverty rate. I don't understand. Toronto and Vancouver are an embarrassment to the Canadian legacy.

  6. What can you do? Coulda' got on this earlier I guess. Probably a long history of tenant complaints. I wouldn't want a building in that condition in my city.

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