7 thoughts on “What to do About Vancouver Home Prices”

  1. Check out the gulf islands. Still cheap and affordable and the best value for money. Gabriola is a nice one.

  2. I live in Markham and the chinks here say it's over after the
    announcement of the 15 percent foreign or Chinese tax. The only thing
    that has ever driven the Canadian real estate market has been the
    Chinaman. With the tap turned off Vancouver to implode 70 percent and
    the GTA 60 percent. The rest of Canada has been flat to down since March
    2012 but like America the areas that have been falling since 2012 will
    fall another 10 to 15 percent. Of course Alberta will be roadkill with
    all commodities set to make fresh 52 week lows and fall to levels not
    seen since the 1950's.

  3. Lower income tax and increase property tax. Millennials need more money to save in order to buy houses in the first place.

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