18 thoughts on “World War 3 (Battle of Vancouver)”

  1. Will you also make vids based on the HIE calling predominantly Muslims populations to revolt against the CFR?

  2. If the Chinese hegemony hit the west coast of the US with nuclear missiles and then shortly after landed a million Chinese soldiers on the same soil that was recently hit with nukes those soldiers would soon be dead from radiation poisoning just like any survivors of the nuclear missile attack.

  3. I'm still wondering why you don't mention the massive American nuclear response that would follow.

  4. Only a treasonous government in Canada would merge Canada with any country.
    Such a government and its supporters deserves to die.

  5. The biggest problem I have with your maps is that it doesn't take into account physical geography when you made your front lines. If an enemy would invade the West Coast and move East, they could go far in Arizona/NewMex but there are too many choke points in a mountainous area like the Rockies.Everything else you posted is purely up to you and I'll leave your choices alone.

  6. Public Opinion Poll:
    Do you think that America will eventually annex Canada and or Mexico?

    This is not a report on my opinions, I am just curious what people think.

  7. Why do you use al Qaida footage and other terrorists groups and call them soldiers.why are all the muslim armies not trained are irregular.

  8. I'm still a little bitter that there was no civil war in Canada about the merger. There could have been so much potential! Still great video though!

  9. How about videos about the allied advancements into the hegemony territory. Or the war in south america and Africa

  10. Question: Why did France surrender to the Hegemony? France was in doubt the reason that we are here today!! It was a Allied nation in WW1 and WW2. And suddenly it backstabbed the Allies?

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